Wanna unlock some sweet Morty badges? Here’s a few you can earn today…

Escape Room Gameiversary

Immersion Initiate
Immersion Initiate Played 10 games
Apprentice Enthusiast
Apprentice Enthusiast Played 25 games
Conundrum Cracker
Conundrum Cracker Played 50 games
Elusive Enigmatist
Elusive Enigmatist Played 75 games
Escake Artist
Escake Artist Played 100 games
Blacklight Bard
Blacklight Bard Played 125 games
Slayer of Sudoku
Slayer of Sudoku Played 150 games
Lock Librarian
Lock Librarian Played 175 games
Key Cowboy
Key Cowboy Played 200 games
Master of Mazes
Master of Mazes Played 250 games
No-Hint Houdini
No-Hint Houdini Played 300 games
Puzzle Prodigy
Puzzle Prodigy Played 400 games
Herald of the Red Herring
Herald of the Red Herring Played 500 games
RFID Deity
RFID Deity Played 750 games
Escape Game Legend
Escape Game Legend Played 1000 games


Macabre Minion
Macabre Minion Did 3 haunted attractions
Terror Tourist
Terror Tourist Did 10 haunted attractions
Haunt Hunter
Haunt Hunter Did 25 haunted attractions
Apparition Admirer
Apparition Admirer Did 50 haunted attractions
Serial Survivor
Serial Survivor Did 75 haunted attractions
Cryptic Creepster
Cryptic Creepster Did 100 haunted attractions
Clicky Glove Goblin
Clicky Glove Goblin Did 125 haunted attractions
Nightmare Navigator
Nightmare Navigator Did 150 haunted attractions
Clown Collector
Clown Collector Did 175 haunted attractions
Scream Seeker
Scream Seeker Did 200 haunted attractions
Slider Squad
Slider Squad Did 250 haunted attractions
Fog Machine Fanatic
Fog Machine Fanatic Did 300 haunted attractions
Ghastly Guru
Ghastly Guru Did 500 haunted attractions
Hauntoholic Did 750 haunted attractions
Puppetmaster Did 1000 haunted attractions


Amateur Scout
Amateur Scout Added 1 experience (new to Morty) and Wrote the first review of 1 experience
Proficient Prospector
Proficient Prospector Added 10 experiences and Wrote the first review of 10 experiences
Prodigy Pioneer
Prodigy Pioneer Added 30 experiences and Wrote the first review of 30 experiences

Fact Finder

Adept Fact Finder
Adept Fact Finder Suggested 3 approved edits to experiences or companies
Highly Suggestive
Highly Suggestive Suggested 25 approved edits to experiences or companies
The Know It All
The Know It All Suggested 100 approved edits to experiences or companies


Social Butterfly
Social Butterfly Invited someone who logged at least 1 experience
Pied Piper
Pied Piper Invited 5 people who each logged at least 5 experiences
Herder of Cats
Herder of Cats Invited 10 people who each logged at least 10 experiences


The Extrovert
The Extrovert Mutually following 10 people
Patient Zero
Patient Zero Mutually following 50 people


Rookie Reviewer
Rookie Reviewer Reviewed 1 experience (publicly)
Journeyman Journalist
Journeyman Journalist Reviewed 5 experiences
Adept Analyst
Adept Analyst Reviewed 10 experiences
Veteran Wordsmith
Veteran Wordsmith Reviewed 20 experiences
Champion Chronicler
Champion Chronicler Reviewed 50 experiences
Enlightened Editorialist
Enlightened Editorialist Reviewed 100 experiences Each review over 100 characters


Our first three quest badges are live.

Potato Quest
Potato Quest Checked in at all the quest stops in Boise

PanIQ Las Vegas Quest
PanIQ Las Vegas Quest Play six of the games at PanIQ in Las Vegas

Gilded Grasshopper Quest
Gilded Grasshopper Quest Checked in at all the quest stops in Boston

We are adding more badges all the time, so stay tuned to this page…

Additionally, you might see some other hidden badges around the app. How do you get them? Great question!


Those who have attained our highest honors

Prodigy Pioneer


Herder of Cats




Enlightened Editorialist



The Know It All


Patient Zero