March 2022 Update

March 2022 Update

March Update

Matt Leavitt - 2022-03-03

Welcome back to another Morty monthly update.

We had some pretty amazing changes to Morty over the month of February, both in terms of expanding our escape database and making Morty a more user-friendly app.

We listen carefully to all the feedback that you all share across our Discord channel, through the app chat feature, via e-mail, our roadmap board, and other spaces, so keep the suggestions coming!

Database improvements

In February, Morty added 993 games this month to our database, bringing the number of rooms that can be tracked in the app to 13,350.

We working on achieving 100% accuracy in the United States.


New features

One of our most requested features is now available — you can now filter out closed games.

Closed games are be filtered out by default, but you can toggle them on to track games you know are closed. Just hit the ellipses (...) in the upper right corner of the map screen.

We’re working on other advanced filtering systems as well!


We also added an Editorials section so you can see what the most prominent escape room bloggers thought of a game.


And finally, we made it easy to add social media links and URL’s to your profile so folks can find or DM you more easily.


Community reminder

As we grow Morty as an app, we are also finding new ways to connect to the escape room community, from players to owners.

There are a lot of great games scheduled each month in the regional meetup groups, so drop in on one of them and say hello!

Thank you all for being a part of the Morty community! 🙏