What is an escape room?

What is an escape room?

What is an escape room?

An escape room is an immersive adventure game where a team of players uncovers clues and solves puzzles while racing against a clock.

The goal is usually to escape one or more rooms, while progressing through a story until the mission is complete.

Most escape rooms are 60 minutes long and offer hints when teams get stuck and need a bit of help moving forward.

How do I play an escape room?

  1. Find a nearby escape room location
  2. As escape rooms have grown in popularity, locations have opened up in every major city and many places in between. Morty makes it super easy to find the best escape games around you, with ratings and reviews from enthusiasts who have played dozens or even hundreds of games. While some locations have just one escape room, most offer several games with different themes and difficulties.

  3. Choose your adventure
  4. Room themes vary greatly, with all kinds of stories spanning topics from everyday life to the furthest reaches of the imagination. One room may transport you into a 1920’s noir, and the room across the hall may have a story about wizards and warlocks.

  5. Enter the story and leave your world behind
  6. The adventure begins by meeting your Game Master (GM), an employee of the location who oversees your game. They will greet you in the lobby and ask you to complete a short waiver before the game begins. You’ll then be escorted into the room, where the GM will usually play a video to set the stage of the story. After that, it’s game on!

  7. Solve some awesome puzzles
  8. When the clock begins it’s time to start looking. Scour the room for clues, interactive elements, and locks. Look for connections between items, bits of information that help make sense out of the chaos. The most successful teams are the ones where players give each other opportunities to put their strengths to work.

  9. Beat the game
  10. During the course of the game you’ll probably solve over a dozen puzzles, and perhaps some puzzles within puzzles. As you unlock new elements, the story will unfold. Some games are linear — where puzzles must be solved in a particular order — while other nonlinear games allow you to solve puzzles in whatever order you prefer. If you ever get stuck, don’t worry, your GM will be monitoring your progress, and most rooms allow you to ask for 3 hints (and they’ll usually be willing to help you more if you really need it). Solve the final puzzles and you’re free!

  11. The post-game
  12. After you’ve escaped, the GM will usually come chat with you about your experience. You can ask questions about any puzzles whose solution you didn’t understand. The de-brief is also a great opportunity to ask for recommendations of other games that you may enjoy. It’s also the perfect time to submit your review of the experience in your Morty app.


Am I really locked in the room?

  • No. For safety reasons most rooms in the US are not actually locked, or have an emergency override, so you can choose to leave at any time. But it’s fun to pretend they are!

Is using hints considered cheating?

  • Not at all. Even players who have completed dozens or hundreds of games will ask for hints from time to time. In the end, the point isn’t to solve all the puzzles on your own, but to have the most fun experience possible.

How long does the game last?

  • Most games have a 60 minute clock, but some rooms can be shorter or longer. Of course, if you get out before time is up it can go a bit quicker.

How do I book a game?

  • The best way is to use the Morty app to find and book a great game near you. If you’re hoping to book an outing for a large group, maybe a birthday party or your company, Morty’s booking concierge (link) can help make that super easy.

What if I don’t escape?

  • Not to worry, when the time is up you’ll be let out. Even the most experience players don’t escape sometimes, so don’t feel bad if it happens to you. These games are meant to be challenging and the designers expect that a certain percentage of groups won’t quite solve all the puzzles in time. You’ll get it next time.

Are escape rooms good for kids?

  • Many escape rooms are great for kids, but some are more appropriate for children than others. Rooms can have more adult themes, have frightening elements, or require puzzle solving skills better suited for slightly older players. Regardless of how appropriate a room is for kids, most locations will require an adult to accompany children under the age of 16 who are playing.
  • If you are unsure if a room is age appropriate, read reviews on your Morty app from other players, as they will often indicate a recommended age for the game. If you are still unsure, give the location a call and ask if the game is appropriate for the children in your group.