Morty Partner Program

The Morty Partner Program

Tap into the biggest audience of immersive entertainment fans in the world.

Marketing immersive attractions is tough

🙁 Paid ads can scale, but guaranteeing a stable ROI is tough.

🙁  Organic SEO is a must, but outcome is uncertain.

The Morty Partner Program works while you sleep to earn you more revenue. And you only pay for results.

What is it?

👀  Boosted exposure on Morty

🎟️  Direct bookings

Free sponsored listings

  • 100 free monthly ad credits*
  • +3 addl credits per user you refer to Morty

*Promotional offer for initial members. Lasts for at least first year of program.

Sponsored listings appear on Explore screen on iOS. More placements coming soon
Sponsored listings appear on Explore screen on iOS. More placements coming soon


Increased bookings

No more checkout dropoff

Capture customers when they’re looking to buy with Morty’s lightning fast checkout.

Plus way more goodies

Push notifications for new attractions


Eye catching listings


Animated cover images


Book instantly filter inclusion


  • Full chargeback protection
  • Notifications about new ratings/reviews
  • Priority support

One price

All of the above is 100% free other than a nominal booking commission.

$2.90 commission per player booked Or $0 for users you referred to Morty

With a standard credit card fee 2.9% + $0.30

Compare the cost

Yelp — Pay $300/mo and get nothing but “impressions.”

Google Ads — Your best performing month might have a ~15x ROI. But varies over time.

Morty21x average ROI. And the avg Morty Partner is only paying ~$50/mo for guaranteed returns and boosted exposure.

Why sign up now?

For helping us test an early product, some perks for our first few companies:

  1. Low introductory pricing.
  2. Bonus boosted exposure credits.
  3. Cancel any time, no fees.


How does it work under the hood?

Morty’s booking integration ensures no double bookings. Reservations hit your system in real time.

How do the payments flow into my bank account?

Morty charges a user’s credit card and immediately initiates a payout to your connected Stripe account, minus commission and CC fees. Payouts take 2-3 business days.

What about cancellations/rescheduling?

Customers are directed to you for cancellations/rescheduling.

Learn more

The Morty Partner program is currently in private Beta. Contact us if you might be interested in participating.