Morty x RECON 23

Morty x RECON 23

Welcome RECON 23!

Here you can:

  1. Unlock a limited edition animated RECON 23 badge 🔥
  2. Apply to beta test our Android app 🤖
  3. Find weird escape rooms, win a Morty hat or tee 👕
  4. Share your Morty profile 🖼️
  5. Learn about Morty for owners 🚪

1. Unlock the RECON 23 (magic swirly) Badge

Don’t have Morty yet?

Get the app or sign up on Web, then grab your badge!


2. Android Beta Test

We have 70 invites to the first very beta release of Morty for Android.

We’re looking for folks who are open to giving us lots of feedback. 😀  If that’s you:

3. Weirdest Escape Room Contest

Wanna win a Morty t-shirt or hat? Find the WEIRDEST experience on Morty!

David and Peih-Gee will announce 3 winners in an upcoming REPOD episode.

To enter:

  1. Join the Morty discord
  2. Post a Morty link in the #recon-weird-morty-contest channel!

*One official entry per person — if you post multiple links just note “official” somewhere in your intended submission.


4. Share your Morty profile 🖼️

To find and follow other Morty RECON attendees:

  1. Join the Morty discord
  2. Post link to your Morty profile in the #recon-connects channel

5. How Morty Works with Owners

Claim your business on Morty

The Morty Partner Dashboard shows reviews as they come in and lets you officially respond as your business.


Boost your visibility

Escape rooms get 25% more views on Morty when they show their availability.


Spread the word about Morty

What else?

Join a local Morty Meetup group

Don’t see one in your area? Get in touch with us if interested in starting one.

We’re hiring

If you know an amazing Senior Product Designer we’d love to meet them.

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